Colors for fall weddings

Fall makes an ideal season to march down an aisle lined up with an array of rich, dreamy colors. It’s the time of the year when most couples find the perfect excuse to tie the knot in a rustic setting they can always look back with nostalgia. Whether the earthy […] Read more »

Cooking with Flowers

If you know how, you can smell your flowers and eat them too! That’s right, you can cook with flowers if you know how. That is if you know which are edible, what they taste like and how you can use them as an ingredient or garnish. Cooking with flowers […] Read more »

7 Tips to Care for Your Flowers

Fresh flowers are still considered living entities that can be stimulated to survive for few more days with a little TLC. If you want your cut flowers or bouquet of blooms looking fresh for a longer time, it pays to know a few tips and tricks to care for your […] Read more »