Florist in Bryan, TX Helps in Decorating the Yard for Summer Parties

Are you planning a summer soiree in your backyard? Vibrant flower arrangements are important elements of decorating an outdoor space. flower design expert Andrea Sparks recommends incorporating tropical and exotic blooms, which can instantly become fascinating ornaments.

“Tropical inspired-décor is hot this year, and the perfect way to heat up your home’s décor for summer is to start with an exotic flower arrangement. The striking shapes of tropical flowers and their bold colors will instantly transform your home into a beach side cabana.

Tropical blooms are all extraordinarily long-lasting as cut flowers. Tropical blooms, such as orchids, heliconias, anthirium, protea, birds of paradise, and ginger will last from as much as a month when cared for properly.

Tropical and exotic flowers come in the boldest shades of red, orange, yellow, pink. With orchids you can add green and purple as well. These are the shades of the tropics and add the colors of summer everywhere. Choosing tropical flowers will add splashes of unfading color to your home for weeks to come.”

If exotic flowers don’t go with your party’s theme, you can consult your florist in Bryan, TX for arrangements that will suit the event. For a rustic or casual barbecue, use simple bouquets with bright blooms and lush greens. For a fancy outdoor dinner, look for classic yet exquisite centerpieces such as those with roses, irises, delicate hydrangeas.

troppical flowers for summer

The event setup’s color palette can also be the basis for choosing the flowers to decorate with. If you have plain, monotone alfresco dining or lounging furniture, you can perk up the place with an array of hues, perhaps shades of pink and touches of green. Choose collections of plants that complement each other’s brightness and saturation for a cohesive– rather than chaotic– look.

Of course, your other décor has to be complementary to the flowers. Hang festive banners for fun and laidback parties or multicolor lanterns for whimsical events. Use votive candles to light up romantic celebrations. Place matching tablecloths or runners and place settings, as well.

Decorating with potted plants like peace lilies or an exotic bromeliad is advisable in the warm weather, since cut flowers may not be able to last as long. Alternatively, a creative Bryan, Texas florist like Nan’s Blossom Shop can make and deliver arrangements that are resiliently beautiful, suitable for the season, and fitting for the occasion.


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