Floral Meanings: College Station Florists Help Send Flowery Messages

Flowers are part of some of the most important days of people’s lives. Weddings, graduations, and other big events aren’t complete without a bouquet of flowers, usually arranged and delivered by a skilled College Station florist like Nan’s Blossom Shop, to brighten up the surroundings. So it should be no surprise that some blossoms are associated with specific events and can sometimes mean so much more. Terri Coles wrote an article for The Huffington Post that talks about how flowers were considered symbolic of people’s feelings during the Victorian times:

The meanings of many of the blooms we love date back to Victorian times; people were big on conveying their feelings through symbols instead of words, and flowers were a large part of that. Some of those meanings have evolved, but we still strongly associate certain blooms with particular sentiments; there is a reason why some flowers are enduringly popular, despite their price or seasonal availability, and it’s not always simply because of how they look.Floral Talks College Station Florists Help Send Meaningful Messages

Knowledgeable College Station florists would be able to help you craft bouquets that have deeper layers of meaning, which can show your recipient that you’ve put a little more thought into your floral gift. Here are a few of the popular flowers and what they can mean to the person you’re sending them to


A classic symbol of love—but it’s not only about the kind of love between two lovers. Everyone knows that red roses signify passionate love; however the other colors of this flower represent love in various forms. For example, white roses represent humility and innocence, making them ideal for weddings, whereas your friends might like to get yellow roses that symbolize friendship and joy.


Lilies are another popular flower on the market. The white blooms are often associated with innocence and symbolize chastity and virtue, especially in religious settings. Different lily species have additional meanings: Peruvian lilies mean friendship and devotion, while white stargazer lilies symbolize sympathy. Lilies are also used for funerals, representing the restored innocence of the departed one’s soul.


Sunflowers have a striking and distinctive appearance that makes them a unique choice for a bouquet. When you send sunflowers, you want to convey warmth and happiness to its recipient. It can also mean that you adore them and wish them a long, prosperous life.


Another popular choice are tulips. Different tulip colors have different meanings; yellow tulips mean you want to cheer someone up, while white ones could mean you’re forgiving someone. For the romantically inclined, red tulips mean “a perfect love.” A full tulip bouquet represents elegance and grace.

(Source: Flower Meanings Can Help You Choose A Perfect Valentine’s Bouquet, The Huffington Post, January 30, 2014)

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