Making Moments More Special With Flowers

Nan’s Blossom Shop knows that some feelings are best expressed through beautiful things. There are many of these trinkets that you can choose from, but we believe flowers still remain among the top spots. This is why we offer services in College Station and Bryan, TX that will help you speak up and express your emotions – without even saying anything, and without spending a lot of money.

Flowers for Every Occasion

We have affordable flower baskets and bouquets that are perfect for every occasion. After all, we know that celebrating these events gets better when an exquisite arrangement by a talented florist is present, which only shows how greatly you looked forward to celebrating the occasion. With our products, you can show your parents how grateful you are for their love, grieve with a friend for the loss of a loved one, or congratulate a friend for the arrival of a new baby.

Social events and seasonal changes also become more special with our flowers. Surprise your prom date with a lovely corsage that she will be proud to wear; or, throw your own little summer festival with brightly-colored creations that will make the air smell even sweeter. Plus, we have flowers that come with set themes so you can just breeze through our inventory and have one ready for you by checkout. These include flowers for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, several holidays, and Valentine’s Day, all expertly arranged by our talented florists.

Wide Selection of Bouquets and Floral Decorations

You will not be limited to choosing from flowers that you always see everywhere. We offer the freshest, most vibrant selections of birds of paradise, callas, carnations, daisies, lilies, orchids, roses, sunflowers, and tulips. These come in a wide range of colors, too, such as blue, pink, white, red, and yellow. We assure you of getting exactly the flower that you need to brighten up that special someone’s day.

If you want to put together your own bouquet or basket, we will be more than happy to guide and help you. The professional team of florists at Nan’s Blossom Shop in Texas will listen to what you want, and accordingly get it to come to life for you.

Get Your Bouquet Now

Call us at (979) 822-1658 to know more about our products and services. Alternately, you can pay us a visit at our shop located at 1105 S. Texas Ave, Bryan, TX. If you need more information about our service areas, College Station and Bryan, TX, check out our Contact Us page.

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